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Assembler Shell
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Dines Justesen

TI-82 Assembler Shell?

Yes! Everyone knows how slow programs written in TI-BASIC can be. With Ash you can now use the full potential of the 6 MHz Z80 processor that resides inside your calculator. Ash works like a shell in the way that it presents a list with all assembler programs currently available, and then lets you run them. If you have used ZShell for TI-85 you know what it is like.

Ash is currently available in version 3.0 and works on TI-82s with ROM version 16,17,18 and 19. To check what ROM version your TI-82 has got, press the following key sequence: [MODE] [ALPHA] [S]. You will be presented with a screen telling you your ROM version and a prompt asking if you want to start the self test. DON'T PRESS ENTER at this prompt unless you want your calculator to go through a memory resetting self test procedure.

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