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Assembler Shell
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Ash School

Updated text files

New versions of 82-RAM.TXT, 82-ROM.TXT, 82-PORTS.TXT and 82-VAR.TXT has been uploaded. A new version of 82HACK.TXT will be uploaded later.

Ash School.

I have translated Jimmy Mårdells Online ZShell School, so people who want to start learning programming for Ash can use it. Have a look here

Ash version 3.0 released.

Ash 3.0 has several new features including relocation (which makes programs faster, smaller and easier to make) and the possibility to start Ash programs using the PRGM command.

Columns 3.0.

Columns 3.0 for Ash 3.0 has not been released yet, hopefully it will be released very soon. The problem is that the speed improvement with Ash 3.0 was so big that the delay routine has to be changed.

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