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The TI-85 Emulator is a DOS program for IBM PC's which emulates the TI-85. The emulator uses a ROM dump from the calculator and therefor function almost exactly like the real thing. The current version of the emulator is 2.01, and it supports almost all of the TI85's functions. One of the functions which have not been implemented yet is contrast change. In this version linking to a calc using the TI Graph-Link is not working, but linking using other types of cabels works fine.

The emulator is operated using the keyboard, most of the keys are listed in the docs TI85-Emulator docs. The emulator needs an image of the ROM located in the current directory, this image is NOT included ! Because of TI's copyright on the ROM you can not find the image on the net, and I can not send it to you, you have to make it yourself. To make one use the Dump Rom program.

TI-85 emulator ver. 2.01
TI-85 emulator source ver. 1.0

As you can see the source code for version 1.0 of the emulator is currently available, the source for version 2.01 will NOT be released. The source code for the (yet) unreleased version 2.1 might be added later. Before you make any changes please contact me first, so that I can keep track of who is doing what.

You are not allowed to distribute your own version of the emulator

Please report any bugs, comments or ideas to me, but remember that some functions has not been implemented yet.

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