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The following page contains descriptions of and links to various TI related stuff made by me. The page includes program for all of the three calculates which I own.


See the Ash section.


Fixpoint math version 1.0

The file includes routines to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and displaying signed and unsigned 16 bit fixpoint numbers. The routines where originally made for a Mandelbrot program, so only the functions needed for that is included. If you need other mathematical functions I might be able to help, just write a letter telling me what.

TI-ROM.TXT Version 1.1

The latest version of the text file which list functions in the TI-85 ROM. The whole document has been updated and several new functions has been added !

TI-RAM.TXT Version 1.2

The latest version of the text file which list addresse in the system part of the TI-85's ram. Some new addresses are listed and some explanations has been improved in this version.

TI-VARS.TXT Version 0.2

This is the first public release of this document, which gives on overview of the TI85 system. The document explains the VAT, OPs, the FPS, input handling etc.

TI-PORTS.TXT Version 1.1

An explanation of how the ports are used on the TI85. This version contains updated information on the link port and minor updates for some of the other ports.


I only use my TI92 at the university, so all the programs and functions which I have created are function which I have needed for the courses I have taken. Currently no documentation is included, so you will have to figure what the functions do by yourself.

Complex Analysis

The group file includes several function which are very useful when doing complex analysis.


One of the things which the TI92 lacks is statistical function such as the error function. This file includes several function which calculates probability densities, and is thus useful for more then just doing statistics.


This is a collection of the programs and functions which did not fit in any of the files above. Includes is function used in communications and other areas.

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