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This is a list of all the books on the z80 microprocessor that I know of. I have included comments on the books i have read, but this is only a very small part of them. If you have read any of the books please mail ME. The list has been divided into smaller parts, one for each language.

I have also made a list of books on the 68000 (used for the ti92), you can find it here. Unlike Z80 books 68000 books should be very easy to get because they used in so many computer like Apple and Amiga. I find it easier to read books which only discripes the processor and not a whole system, so my advice would be to get books and the microprocessor and not Amiga/Apple.

Books in english

Programming in Z80 assembly languageHutty, Roger1984Macmillan
The 8080, 8085, and Z80: chardware, software, programming, interfacing, and troubleshootingLaLond, David1988Prentice-Hall
An introduction to Z80 machine codePenfold, R. A.1984Bernard Babani
Introducing Z-80 assembly language programmingSinclair, Ian1983Butterworth
Z-80 - 1979-80, Book 2: Programming and interfacingNichols, Elizabeth A.1979Howard W. Sams
A Z-80 workshop manualParr., E. A.1983Babani
The 8080/Z80 assembly language : techniques for improved programmingMiller, Alan R.1981Wilev. cop.
Z80 assembly language subrutinesLeventhal, Lance1983Contains many very good subrutines for math, string, memory and a lot more, but not a good introduction.Osborne/McGraw-HIll Cop.
101 projects for the Z80Tedeschi, Frank P.1983TAB Books cop.
Z80 instant programs : machine code rutines for Nascom and other Z80 computer systemsHooton, J.1982Sioma Technical Press
Microcomputer technology : an introductionUllman, Julian R.1982Pitman
Z80 users manualCarr., Joseph J.1980Reston Publishing cop.
Z80 and 8080 assembly language programmingSoracklen, Kathe1981Hayden
Programming the Z80Zaks, Rodnay1979+1980+1981Read choice for beginners. Read this to understand the basics of Z80 assembler.Sybex
Z80 assembly language programmingLaventhal, Lance A.1979Osborne/McGraw-Hill
Z80 microcomputer design projectsBarden, William1980Sams
The Z80 microprocessor : Architecture, interfacing, programming, and designDaonkar, R.S.1993Macmillan
SGS-Thomson Z80 microprocessor family : programming1990Kista
SGS-Thomson Programming reference Z801990Kista
Z80 applicationsCoffron, J. W.1983Sybex
Z80 PIO, Z80A PIO. Technical manual1978Zilog
Z80-CPU Z80A-CPU. Tecnical manual1977Zilog
Z80 Programmers ReferenceZilog
Build your own Z80 computer. Design guidelines and application notesCiarcia, S.1981Byte Books
Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute BeginnerWilliam TangIt's a great book and has a lot of non specific Z80 stuff. Just ignore the Spectrum only bits as sound and the game.
TLCS-Z80,85 Data BookToshiba cop.
Z80 Assembly-Language ProgrammingLampton, ChristopherIt refers to the old TRS-80 and other CP/M computers, but it can be generalized and applied to the TI fairly easily. The book offers a clear explanation of exactly what factors you control in ASM programming.Franklin Watts
The Programming Guide to the Z80 ChipRobinson, Phillip R.TAB Books cop.
Learning Assembly Language: A Guide for BASIC ProgrammersJackson, Hugo T. and Fischer, A.M.The title itself should draw TI-BASIC programmers. Not about the Z80, but about a fictional chip called "GRAPE-80" which handles generalized instructions.Harper and Row

Books in German

Z80 - 1979-80 Buch 3 : Interface-Technik and AnwendungNichols, Elizabeth A.1980Elektor Verlag
Z80 - 1979-80 Buch 1 : Einfuerung und programmierungNichols, Elizabeth A.1979Elektor Verlag
Z80 Applikationsbuch : Einfuerung in die programmierung und Interfacetechniken des Mikroprozessor Z80klein, Michael1983Franzis
Mikrocomputer selbstgebaut und programmiert : Vom bauelement zum fertigen Z80-ComputerKlein, Rolf-Dieter1984Franzis
Mikrocomputer : Hard- und softwarepraxis : Anhand ausfuehrlicher Beisoiele und oroesserer Programme wird das Programmieren immer perfekterKlein, Rolf-Dieter1981Franzis Verlag

Books in Danish/Swedish

Mikroprocessor : arkitektur, instruktioner og adresseringsmetoderGravsbjerg, Jens1986Teknisk Forlag
Maskinkod och assemblerunknown1984Bromberos
Maskinkode med amstradLorentzen, Jørn1985Borgen
Z80 programmeringTootill, Alan1985Teknisk Forlag
Z80 assembler programmeringSkræp, Mogens1983+1985M.S. Databøger
Maskinkode programmering med Z80Skavin, Jesper1985Borgen
Programmera Z80Zaks, Radnav1984Sybex

This list was optained from my local library and the Zshell FAQ, so it is probably not any where near complete. If you have any information besides the above please mail ME. Some of the comments was taken from the Zshell FAQ, maintained by Henrik Edlund

Thanks to:

  • Henrik Edlund, for the FAQ
  • Alberslund Bibliotek, for information on Z80 books
  • Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark, for information on Z80 books

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